Awesome book sculptures

Montage1 book art

Is this the future of books?

Sure, the best thing you can do with an average book is read it, but when it comes to out dated textbooks and the Twilight series, book art is also a good solution. Over on WebUrbanist you can check out 31 fantastic examples of book sculptures that show just how much variety there can be in this fascinating medium…

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Amazing coat hanger sculptures by David Mach


Coat hanger sculpture by David Mach.

Sometimes the items we use everyday seem dull and ordinary.  We never think that one day they might serve as material for an inspiring piece of art. Toasters, buttons and even eggshells have become quite impressive art pieces in the past, and predicting the materials that we’ll see used in the future is almost impossible. When it comes to pure creativity, artists who venture into the unknown have to be the most inspiring for aspiring artists today. Overlooking the obvious is nothing an artist should ever do it seems, and that becomes apparent when you find art pieces that border on the brink of madness. (Pics)

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Astrophysical Toothpick Sculptures

astro Ganymede-Callisto-Pod-500x574

A new twist on the old toothpick.

Artist Franceska McCullough makes toothpick sculptures that are inspired by geometric forms and astrophysical patterns. Pictured above is “Ganymede and Callisto Pod”, in reference to the two largest moons of Jupiter:

This is Ganymede Callisto Pod – or more directly the orbital pattern of the two largest moons of Jupiter…

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Willard Wigan Carves Objects The Size Of An Eye Of A Needle

wigan art5678

Tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny carvings!

Willard Wigan has probably got some of the most stable hands of anybody on earth! Willard is an artist that carves sculptures and figures that can all fit into the eye of a needle. And hey, at least Willard isn’t doing this for nothing. He managed to sell his entire petite collection for about $20 million. Good for him!

(video after the jump…)

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The Sound Sculptures of Zimoun

Zimoun : Sound Sculptures & Installations | Compilation Video V1.5 from ZIMOUN VIDEO ARCHIVE on Vimeo.

Swiss artist Zimoun builds sound installations that create a unique audiovisual experience. This video is a compilation of many of his projects, including listening to woodworms at work using a microphone, an automat with selections representing different cities, and pvc hoses flopping about under the force of compressed air.

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India’s Santa Sand Sculptures


Santa sand sculptures

World renowned Indian sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik is already well known for his work with Santa Claus–last year, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the largest ever ‘sand Santa’. This year, he’s using his talent and bolstered profile to highlight the growing challenges climate change is bringing to India–and to do so, he built over 100 Santas out of 1,000 tons of sand in the tourist town of Puri. And he broke another world record in the process: most Santas made of sand on a single beach ever. (pics)


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Subaquatic Sculpture Museum: World’s Largest Underwater Museum


Vicissitudes show a circle of figures which are linked through holding hands.
They are life-size casts taken from a group of children

This winter, tourists to the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula off the coast of Cancun, Mexico will have one more thing to look forward to – an amazing underwater museum featuring 400 sculptures, inspired from both contemporary and Mayan influences. (Pics)

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