IL Kickstarter Creativity Spotlight

Today’s Kickstarter Creativity Spotlight focuses on balloon mapping. What the heck is balloon mapping you may ask?

Balloon mapping is sending a camera up on a balloon, snapping photos, and stitching them into a map. Over the past year and a half these fine folks have built a global mapper community and this is your chance to participate in all the excitement…

balloon map 111 sumava-layer

Example of completed balloon map.

After gathering your aerial photos using balloons or kites, a browser application called MapKnitter is available to stitch them together into an amazing aerial view of an area, like the one pictured above.

balloon map forum newsletter 12546

Grassroots Mapping Forum publication.

Grassroots Mapping Forum is a brand-new quarterly publication produced by the Public Laboratory to support grassroots mappers. One of the balloon or kite made maps appears on the front side, with notes, how-tos, and interviews on the back.  The first issue is 25″x35″ and printed on acid-free paper.

Follow all their activities at

or Go to Kickstarter and participate in the project.