U.S. online advertising spending is expected to grow 23.3% to $39.5 billion this year, pushing it ahead of total advertising spending in print newspapers and magazines, according to an eMarketer report.

Meanwhile, print advertising spending is expected to fall to $33.8 billion in 2012 from $36 billion last year, the market research company said.

“Advertisers’ comfort level with integrated marketing is greater than ever, and this is helping more advertisers — and more large brands — put a greater share of dollars online,” said David Hallerman, eMarketer’s principal analyst.

The 2012 estimates come after a robust year for U.S. advertising in 2011. eMarketer said online ad spending grew 23% to $32.03 billion last year while total ad spending rose 3.4% to $158.9 billion.

The market research company said firms are funneling more advertising money online because of the growing amount of time that consumers spend with digital platforms and advertisers’ view of the Internet as a more measurable medium, especially as the soft economy “forces businesses to be more accountable with their ad dollars.”

Overall, total media ad spending in the U.S. is expected to grow an estimated 6.7% to $169.48 billion this year, boosted by the elections and summer Olympics in London, eMarketer said.

Via LA Times



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