wifi plant sensor 2353

Is you plant smiling or dying?

If you’ve been using Koubachi’s iOS app to remember when it’s time to water your plants, the company’s new wireless sensor will give your greenery an even better fighting chance of survival if you’re lacking a green thumb.

Whereas the app used your location, the local soil conditions, and the type of plant to make an educated guess as to when it needed watering, misting, or fertilization. Koubachi’s new Wi-fi plant sensor takes the guesswork out of the equation, automatically measuring moisture, temperature, and light…

Once it’s connected to your home network you just jam the sensor into the soil of a potted plant where it will then report back to the existing iOS app. You still need to specify what type of plant it is, the sensor isn’t sophisticated enough to know that, but once it’s setup you no longer have to worry about taking too much, or too little, care of your plants. It’s available in Europe now for about $140, but it’s coming to the US next year which means there could still be thousands of unfortunate plant deaths before the cavalry arrives.

[Koubachi via TechCrunch]