We’ve seen some pretty awesome Lego creations in the past, including a Volkswagen van, Angry Birds, and even the heart of the Large Hadron Collider. But what about Lego inventions that actually work? Here are some of our favorite, fully functional Lego creations. (pics and videos)


Twin-lens camera

This nifty Lego camera was designed and built by the talented and clever photographer Carl-Frederic Salicath. Modeled after the classic, boxy cameras of the past, this camera (dubbed the Legoflex B1) is both simple to build and to use. If you’d like to build your own, head on over to Salicath’s blog for a step-by-step guide.


Robotic Lego arm

Engineering student Max Shepherd created this amazing, fully articulating robotic arm. Albeit a bit slow to operate, this awesome invention is capable of moving, gripping, and twisting just like your own hand. It can even hold cups and water bottles without crushing them — though it can only manage to hold up to a couple of pounds.


DIY computer case

This fully functional computer case was built entirely out of Lego parts. On top of safeguarding your sensitive computer parts, it also has a nifty viewing window and rooftop guests!


3D milling machine

3D printing is one of the coolest new technologies. Arthur Sacek built this 3D milling machine almost entirely out of Lego parts — the one exception being the drill bit that carves the floral foam shapes. It may not be a Makerbot, but it’s definitely a cool alternative.


Lego brick sorting factory

Lego tinkerer Chris Shepherd built this extremely impressive Lego sorting machine entirely out of Lego NXT hardware. This four-armed machine is capable of picking and sorting 48 blocks a minute as they shuffle by on two conveyor belts. Be sure to check out the video to see this crazy machine in action!

Via Yahoo