SpongeBob Square Pants leads to hyperactivity.

2012 was an incredible year. And it would be fun and interesting to point out some of the interesting findings regarding health and nutrition this year.



1. Junk food is as addictive as heroin. A study was just released showing that over a period of five days consuming junk food, your brain becomes desensitized to the euphoria of junk food and sugar and needs more and more of it. The same pattern happens with drug use, specifically heroin. NO WONDER people have trouble losing weight. These are ALSO the same foods that have created the obesity epidemic in this country.

2. Top foods keeping your ass wide. The best friends of obesity are french fries, potato chips and soda. Most of you are rolling your eyes saying #duh, I know. But it’s now been confirmed. And I have to agree on the french fries and soda. That was my “go to” when I was a size 22. No more baby!

3. Genetically modified foods (GMOs) lead to obesity. Yup, we have fat rats. In a long-term study, rats that were feed genetically modified corn became obese compared to rats that were fed natural corn. With all this information about GMOs in our diet. I think it’s time to label them and encourage food companies to reformulate and stay away.

4. Sunscreen can actually accelerate cancer cells. Wow, this was shocking, but it’s actually not all sunscreen. It’s the ones that use Vitamin A in their ingredients, which happens to be most of them. So avoid that ingredient in your sunscreen. And also remember that the sun provides you with Vitamin D so don’t avoid it completely, just be responsible.

5. Store bought vitamins can lead to death. WHAT? I know. It seems like everyone is trying to sell supplements these days. The research found that Iron supplements were posed the greatest risk, but Calcuim supplements helped prolong life the most. Interesting. Other supplements to be wary of were multivitamins, folic acid, iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6. The only supplements I take are fish oil and I give them to my kids as well. Luckily, those are safe.

6. Indoor tanning is addictive. Well from the look of some people on TV I want to say “no shit!” but this may not be obvious to some. Tanning, both indoor and outdoor is considered addictive by medical standards. What’s worse is if you become a “tanner” before age 30, you are 75% more likely to get skin cancer. Public awareness campaigns are not considered helpful in this instance. These people may need intervention because it can become that dangerous. Wow *says the porcelain queen of paleness*

7. Exercise doesn’t help you lose weight. Wow, now before you wig out, let me explain this one for you. If you put the calories back in that you expend in exercise, you won’t lose weight. In my experience about 85% of weight loss is all diet related and this study backs that claim up. So if you want to lose weight, watch what you are eating FIRST and then add exercise in. Fitness still has LOADS of health benefits so don’t give up on that.

8. SpongeBob Square Pants leads to hyperactivity. I’ve been saying this for years. In fact, it wasn’t until this year that I even let my first grader watch it. Interestingly enough, it’s not TV that rots their brain but the pace of the TV. Fast paced shows like SpongeBob causes hyperactivity and slower paced shows like Caillou do not. Sesame Street has actually picked up the pace since the 1970, so it’s better but sometimes not so much.

9. Genetically modified food leads to cancer. No shit sherlock. Keep digging watson. Make sure to see the pictures of the rat tumors. Those things are huge! They specifically tested the rats on GM corn and soy. Buy organic and GMO free.

10. Social media leads to premature death…..just kidding. I would cry if this was true.

Have a Happy 2013 everyone!

Via Mamavation