L’Oréal’s wearable sensor will track your UV exposure throughout the day


L’Oréal has announced a wearable device that measures your exposure to ultraviolet radiation that can seriously damage your skin and eyes and potentially cause skin cancer. The La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV sensor is designed to clip onto your clothes or bag, and it relies on NFC rather than Bluetooth to transmit its data, meaning it doesn’t require a battery to function. L’Oreal previously introduced a similar sensor that attached to your fingernail.

Despite the dangers of UV radiation, it can be very difficult to know exactly how much you’re being exposed to. UVA rays can penetrate clouds and glass, which means you’re probably exposed to them more than you think. L’Oréal’s sensor has the potential to educate people about how often they’re being exposed, although it won’t solve the problem of people not using enough sunscreen in response.

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Caffeine in sunscreen could provide greater protection against skin cancer


Caffeine in sunscreen could add greater protection against skin cancer.

Putting caffeine in sunscreen could provide greater protection against skin cancer, suggest scientists. They believe the chemical found in coffee absorbs ultraviolet radiation when applied to the skin and prevents tumors after exposure to sunlight.

Paranoia About Sun Exposure Causing Vitamin D Deficiency in Children


High protection sunscreen for a health issue unheard of ten years ago.

Paranoia about sun exposure and indoor lifestyles are causing life-threatening health problems for children due to vitamin D deficiency, a new study claims.  Casualty departments are dealing with dozens of emergency cases where infants are having seizures as a direct result of not getting enough vitamin D, which is essential for healthy teeth and bones.

Could a Wearable UV Detector Prevent Skin Cancer?


The UV Dosimeter invented by Martin Allen in collaboration with Niwa and Canterbury University. It can be worn like a watch or pinned to clothing.

A small device to measure exposure to ultraviolet radiation could one day be sold to schools and researchers to help prevent skin cancer.  The UV Dosimeter, invented by Canterbury University computer engineer Martin Allen, can be worn like a wristwatch or pinned to different parts of the body.

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Vitamin D And Sun Exposure Play A Role In Disease Prevention

Vitamin D And Sun Exposure Play A Role In Disease Prevention

The sun is a natural and effective source of Vitamin D that we need to protect our bones, protect us from auto-immune diseases, help prevent Alzheimers disease, and protect us from certain kinds of cancers. Deficiencies in vitamin D are highly-linked to these diseases. Now, researchers at Emory University School of Medicine have found that Vitamin D deficiency is also linked to Parkinson’s Disease.

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