Do entrepreneurs lead healthier lives than office workers?

Physicians and business owners are among the people most likely to exercise, according to the most recent Gallup Well-Being Index. Here are five other interesting facts about entrepreneurs from the Gallup Index.



Business owners make happier professionals.

People who own their own businesses are among the three happiest groups of professionals, with an overall well-being score of more than 73 points. Physicians rank the highest overall, while transportation workers claim to be the most miserable. Clerical and sales workers make up the middle ground, with a ranking of about 68 points each.

Entrepreneurs are more likely to exercise than nurses and schoolteachers.

That’s right. Business owners claim to log more cardio hours than either of these stereotypically on-their-feet professionals. Almost 58 percent of them say they exercise for at least 30 minutes a day three times a week.

They also eat their veggies.

Business owners are more likely to eat fresh produce than either clerical workers or middle-management professionals. Sixty-three percent of entrepreneurs say they eat five or more servings of produce every four days. Surprisingly, they even claim to eat more fresh fruits and veggies than doctors–though less than teachers and nurses.

Entrepreneurs are unlikely to be obese.

Business owners are the second least likely group to be obese. They are 4 percent less likely to be obese than managers and executives, and 5 percent less likely to be obese than office workers–perhaps as a result of their healthy eating.

But they smoke more than you might think.

Stressed much? While only 17 percent of business owners smoke, this is a larger percentage of smokers than in the office worker, manager, nurse, or doctor populations.

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