Dashboards have played an integral role in how we interact with our cars, at least since the 1980’s. The switches, knobs and dedicated displays housed below (and sometimes on) our windshields keep us tuned in to the world around us. (Pics)



But the way that we interact with that dashboard itself might be about to change. This new concept car — the Monza developed by Vauxhall — features a single, modular LED projection display which will function as an integrated infotainment system. Driving information, navigation, communication and even entertainment will all be presented “when necessary” across the dash and center console.

By unifying the many displays of the common dashboard, Vauxhall is hoping to provide only the info requested by the driver at one time. If you’re watching the weather report, for instance, the entire dash will display the weather. Controlling what you want to display will also be streamlined, with drivers only needing to speak aloud what it is they want to appear on the dashboard for the pertinent info to appear. Controls will also be mounted on the steering wheel for those who prefer the tactile approach.

The two-door, four-seater Monza concept will also feature some other cool design shifts, like a modular engine and massive gull-wing doors.

Via Dvice