Jaktogo is a “luggage jacket.”

We all want to avoid paying for an additional piece of luggage when we travel. Airlines have been on a constant hunt to make a dent in our travel budgets. With U.S. airlines such as Spirit and Frontier charging travelers for carry-ons, it is only a matter of time before other airlines hop on the bandwagon.



Investing in a Jaktogo might solve all of your baggage fee problems. Jaktogo is a “luggage jacket” that allows travelers to literally wear all of their possessions, anything from laptops to underwear. This all-in-one travel solution is made from light and durable material that is water resistant. With 14 various sized pockets, the Jaktogo has plenty of room.

Jaktogos can be purchased on the company website. They range anywhere from $94 to $319.

Via Mashable