Travel nightmare: Airline to begin weighing passengers


One airline is creating an even greater travel nightmare: weighing passengers.  In order to figure out calculate the gross weight of an aircraft before it takes off, Uzbekistan Airlines has announced it will be weighing both passengers’ luggage and their bodies before they board flights. Yes, weighing people. On scales. In the airport.

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Morph: Airline seat concept that could morph to fit each passenger

Morph airline seating.

Traveling by air on a budget isn’t pleasant. Despite huge leaps forward in comfort for the upper classes (and the more recent “premium economy” class), the economy section of a cabin is more often than not cramped, packed, and charmless.  Seymourpowell,  a British design firm, has a seating concept that it believes will change that. It’s called Morph. (Photos and video)


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Airline coach seats are getting even worse

There’s a new low for the long-haul traveler. Airlines are ordering new Dreamliner 787s and Airbus A330s and are asking to have them fitted with 16.7″-wide coach seats. These are planes intended for intercontinental flights — six to 14 hours! — and they’re shaving the armrests, squeezing the seats, and otherwise cramming in passengers. The airlines say it’ll all be OK — they’ll just distract you from your terrible circumstances with big meals and TV.


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Avoid airline baggage fees with a luggage jacket

Jaktogo is a “luggage jacket.”

We all want to avoid paying for an additional piece of luggage when we travel. Airlines have been on a constant hunt to make a dent in our travel budgets. With U.S. airlines such as Spirit and Frontier charging travelers for carry-ons, it is only a matter of time before other airlines hop on the bandwagon.



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