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Robot Land

Since 2007, South Korea has been planning a robot-centric theme park. “Robot Land” is back on track after missing its initial opening date of 2012. Now slated for a 2015 opening, this place won’t be like any other theme park on Earth. (Pics)



If all goes according to plan next year, Robot Land will open its gates to a public hungry for robotic adventure and amusement. But all those roller coasters and rides will only be the beginning for Robot Land. By 2016, Robot City will open its doors. Adjoining the theme park, Robot City will house convention centers, exhibition halls and research labs. By 2018, the final phase of Robot City’s development will be complete, including hotels, condos and an imposing robot statue that will tower over the 300-acre city.

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With all this robot research and entertainment going on, Robot City would seem like the perfect place for our nascent robot overlords to set up their first world capitol. With investment capitol of over $660 million dollars already laid out, we’re hoping that the robots at least take into account how much work humanity has put into their best interests as they enslave us all. As for just what sort of robotics research and entertainment will be carried out within Robot City — while humans still have control of the place? We’ll all just have to wait until the gates open to take our first peek.

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