Briefcase scooter


In 1962, The Jetsons were imagining a wacky future full of robots and talking pets. The inventions, jobs, and lifestyle George Jetson and his family enjoyed were almost comically unrealistic, but technology may actually be closing in on the world The Jetsons envisioned.



While the flying car hasn’t quite gotten FAA approval yet, another of George Jetson’s vehicle’s super powers might have met reality. The Commute-Case is a real-life electric commuter vehicle that folds up into a briefcase that you can either convert to a trolley bag or pick up with one hand. It’s also a fully-functional briefcase, with enough room for your laptop and other essentials.

Weighing in at 27 lbs, the Commute-Case is a seriously compact electric scooter that boasts a 25 mile range and a weight capacity of 275 pounds. With its modest 12.5 MPH top speed, this diminutive scooter won’t exactly be able to keep up on the freeway, but it will save you time on city streets. It’s weatherproof, and comes with a manual handbrake like the one on your bike. It’s even got a cup holder and a dock for your smartphone. On the down side, there’s no real seat included in the design, so you’ll have to be extra careful while navigating pot-holes.

The Commute-Case looks like a pretty sweet idea, all told. Getting your hands on a Commute-Case of your own would normally cost you about $6,000, but Green Energy Motors is currently offering reserved units for 50 percent off. You can even reserve one for a refundable deposit of $149.75. That’s some dirt-cheap Jetsons tech right there.


Via Dvice