The scooter that doubles as a suitcase

suitcase scooter

He Liangcai rides his home-made suitcase scooter.

A Chinese private entrepreneur, He Liangcai, recently obtained a patent for a product that turns a regular suitcase into a rechargeable scooter. According to patent documents China Real Time viewed, accessed via China’s intellectual property database, the suitcase is also equipped with a GPS navigator, a burglar alarm and a horn.



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Commute-Case: A briefcase that transform into a scooter

Briefcase scooter


In 1962, The Jetsons were imagining a wacky future full of robots and talking pets. The inventions, jobs, and lifestyle George Jetson and his family enjoyed were almost comically unrealistic, but technology may actually be closing in on the world The Jetsons envisioned.



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The Boxx electric scooter – box on wheels ideal for city commuting


Boxx electric vehicle

You can walk most anywhere you want or take a cab in the city, but having your own mode of transport gives you a bit of freedom. But cars are expensive. Bikes are good, but require a lot of energy on your part. Mopeds are an option, but not if you can’t store them – never mind the emissions from the gas-powered ones. The BOXX electric vehicle seems like the perfect solution.

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Solowheel Reinvents the Wheel with Next-Gen Segway Unicycle


I’m going solo on my Solowheel!

If you can’t afford a Segway, what about half of one? While the two-wheeled personal transporter can set you back by $5,000 or more, a new one-wheel, Segway-inspired model called the Solowheel is due to go on sale for a mere $1,500 in the U.S., starting in March. Impress your friends, work on your balance, and most of all, watch out for bikes and people that still walk.

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