wave power

Maine is geared to join hands with other few states to generate electricity from tidal waves.

With increasing global warming and increasing awareness of other environmental hazards, more and more people across the world are focusing on harnessing natural sources of energy like wind energy. Wave power is a renewable source of energy and is available in abundance. Wind energy provides clean fuel which is environment friendly and does not produce greenhouse gases. And to capitalize on its greener attribute, we have been utilizing ocean waves for centuries.



Maine is now all geared to join hands with other few states to generate electricity from tidal waves. This form of electricity production will be pollution free. With several ways available to tap wind energy for electricity production, ORPC does not use dams or impoundments for generation of electricity. With enough coastlines available for use, twenty year power purchase agreements (PPA) have been approved by Maine’s Public Utilities Commission. PPA between wind energy developers ORPC could mean that will soon benefit from the electricity produced in the Gulf of Maine, from ORPC Cobscook Bay area.

The first phase of this project was initiated in March. At this stage, the bottom support frame for the pioneer grid was made in place. This was completed at the site at Lubec , near Seward Neck. The 150kW devices expected to be in place by late summer as suggested by ORPC. ORPC also suggested that the first electricity will flow under PPAs by October. Company also stated that its wider expansion plans include harnessing energy from nearby areas including Western Passage and Kendall Head. Once completed, this could generate up to 4MW energy and help in preserving the environment.

Via Ecofriend