Maine to harness wave power to generate electricity

wave power

Maine is geared to join hands with other few states to generate electricity from tidal waves.

With increasing global warming and increasing awareness of other environmental hazards, more and more people across the world are focusing on harnessing natural sources of energy like wind energy. Wave power is a renewable source of energy and is available in abundance. Wind energy provides clean fuel which is environment friendly and does not produce greenhouse gases. And to capitalize on its greener attribute, we have been utilizing ocean waves for centuries.



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Maine Tries to Tackle Shrinking Population


Camden Harbor, Maine, where civic leaders have taken notice of a decline in population and are mapping strategies to reverse the trend.

Trendy Brevetto Kitchen & Wine Bar is bustling on a recent Thursday, but not with a typical happy hour crowd. Less rowdy and mostly professional, the men and women wearing name tags are not here to hook up but link up. They’re members of Midcoast Magnet, one of several regional groups working to halt a population slide in one of the USA’s most picturesque states.


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Five Places Where Land is Free


One of the areas offering free land happens to be smack in the middle of the US.

Some communities need residents. Some need jobs. Some need development. In order to get those things, a few communities will give you free land! These small communities want you to build a house and make yourself at home.

Several small cities in rural Kansas will give you a land lot if you agree to fashion housing of at least 1,000 square feet on it. Mobile homes are welcome, and we’ll be sure to wave as yours flies by in the next tornado. If one lot isn’t large enough and you’d like to garden, the city of Marquette, Kansas  would be pleased as punch to just give you a second lot adjacent to the first, also for free, says its website. These are developed lots, by the way — they already have water, sewer and electricity…

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