On-demand amenities are making all travel feel like first-class


Travelers can use their mobile device to remotely control a digital advertising panel with ‘Tap or Scan’ technology with oOh!media.

VIP comforts and conveniences were previously only available to elite travelers, but they are now being made available to anyone, on-demand. Whether having a private workspace directly in front of the gate, connecting with a personalized shopper during a layover or renting a mobile device to hit the ground without missing a beat, these services and amenities are designed to help people maximize their enjoyment and productivity at every stage of their trip.


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SkyTran – an on-demand levitating monorail

skytran 1


There are many people who advocate for public transportation but there are also those who are accustomed to being able to move about in an individual manner with cars. However, a futuristic on-demand 500m monorail test loop being built at the Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI) campus in Lod, Israel combines the best of both worlds and might have you thinking differently about transit.



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Amazon Instant Video reaches 100,000 on-demand titles

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Amazon grows again.

Amazon is constantly growing and expanding its catalog of videos available for on-demand streaming. The service just reached the 100k mark with 9,000 of those available under the Prime streaming plan. The bulk of the library is set aside for à la carte renting and buying with TV titles starting at $.99 cent and movies for $3.99. With deep living room penetration, all Amazon needs to do is flip the switch, offer a reasonably-priced subscription plan open to all titles, and effectively shut down Netflix…

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The SeeSaw Television Revolution

SeeSaw sceen

A new on-demand video website pooling content from rival broadcasters has launched in a move that could revolutionise how people watch television.

More than 3,000 hours of BBC, Channel 4 and Five programmes can now be accessed from a single website.

SeeSaw puts programmes including Doctor Who, Hustle, Shameless and Neighbours side-by-side under one brand for the first time.

U.S. shows are due to be added to the library later this year, when the site is set to start charging for some of its content. 

Downloading programs is currently free, although there are adverts at the start and possibly also in the middle of the shows.

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