More than just a tea bar, they are specially crafted infusing sachet filled with magical beer-bettering goodness, making sure that you will never have to drink a boring old beer ever again.  

The company behind the sachets is Hop Theory, and they’ve taken to Kickstarter to raise funds to mass-produce their flavor-enhancing beer bombs. It’s not instant beer in a teabag, but it’s still pretty cool stuff.

They call their first blend Relativity; it’s a mix of orange peel, coriander, and cascade hops (the same ones you taste in a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale). Drop it into a plain old beer — like the ones that have been sitting in the back of your fridge since who knows when — or the cheap ones your friend shares when he doesn’t want to part with his microbrews — and it quickly transforms that bland beverage as if Harry Potter waved his wand at it a uttered “humulus lupulus.”

They have several additional sachets planned, and with enough funding they’ll complement Relativity with blends like raspberry, pumpkin, double IPA, and peach — which ought to create something a bit like Kronenberg Blanc, one of my favorite summertime beers.

Pledge $25, and you’ll receive two twelve-sachet pouches of Relativity. The sachets can be reused, too; Hop Theory says they’re good for up to five pints, and they actually infuse more quickly after the first one. Your initial pint will take about three minutes; the next four, just 30 seconds each.

Sure, some of the time you can simply spend a little more cash on a better-tasting beer, but that’s not always an option. When you’re in a real bind, Hop Theory will be there to bail you out.

Image credit:  Hop Theory
Via Geek.com