Toyohashi University of Technology and Taisei Corp unveiled the first electrical car in the world that will run without a battery. The electric car will receive its charge from an electrified road.

During the unveiling the team that created the fully functionin car showed it running on electrified road in Toyohashi, in the Aichi Prefecture.

The vehicle, smaller in size if compared with regular cars, moved over the electrified surface, which had two rail-like steel paths spaced to match the car’s special tires. The charge is derived from steel wires embedded in them, which serve as a conduit.

The drive lasted for 30 meters at a speed of 10km/h, and, according to Professor Takashi Ohira, as cited by Kyodo: ‘Acceleration was smooth, and the ride was comfortable’.

The team said that they decided to cread this car because regular electric vehicles are not suitable for long-distance driving due to the relatively small capacity of the batteries they carry.

The downside is, of course, that the new vehicle can only run on special roads – and who knows when that technology will truly takes off worldwide.

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