Tech jobs are exploding – as well as the pay that goes with them. In fact, technology can really advance your carrier in ways we never thought possible. Now is the time to begin positioning yourself for a career in this field as the salaries seem to increase monthly. But what are the best emerging tech jobs; the ones set to pay the most in 2019? There is a wide variety, and we’ve listed the best below.

1. Big Data Auditor

Next generation audits are almost upon us, and they require people with the ability to utilize algorithms, insights and even A.I. learning to dig through data and separate the useful from the useless.

2. Emotional Intelligence Designer

If you’ve been watching Westworld you already have a grasp on this career; it requires the ability to create machine code that mimics human emotions. Once A.I. becomes better-versed in the ability to communicate like a human (both understanding and reacting), it will become even more all-encompassing.

3. Behavior Analytics

A specialist who knows what consumers will want is going to be worth their weight in gold. The ability to combine data analytics with both cognitive computing and machine learning are the gurus of tomorrow; people who can gain insights into the behavior of consumers to intelligently guess in what direction markets are going before they get there will be invaluable. And a great behavior analyst can apply themselves to other fields too, including cybersecurity.

4. Smart Sensor Engineer

As life and technology become more and more intertwined, smart sensors will become more and more ubiquitous. How else will we bridge the world between the physical and digital?

5. Space Habitat Developer

As Elon Musk and Richard Branson look to the moon, Mars, and even further to one day visit and colonize, the people who develop and create brand new living environments that can withstand the pressures of alien environments are going to be in high demand. Technology has already changed the way we travel; it’s going to change where we travel too.

6. AR/VR Designer

Steve Brown, a technology futurist and CEO is laying his bets on augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR). This job doesn’t just need object designers, a great UX designer, or someone who can develop AR interfaces would be just as lucrative and necessary.

7. 3D Printing

As 3D printing settles in – and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon – the world will change accordingly. From human organs to consumer products, 3D printing will rewrite the planet around us and as such, exciting and lucrative new opportunities will arise for those who work in this field.

Futurist Thomas Frey has a lot to say about what’s coming next. (162 Future Jobs) He thinks there are fourteen key skills that will be required as we step into tomorrow. They are:

  • Transitionists– Those who can aid in making transitions.
  • Expansionists– Being able to adapt alongside a growing environment.
  • Maximizers– Someone who can maximize not just processes, but also situations and opportunities.
  • Optimizers– The ability to change up variables and optimize a performance.
  • Inflectionists– The ability to discover the critical inflection points in a system.
  • Dismantlers– Someone who can scale things back when an industry meets its inevitable end.
  • Feedback Loopers– Someone who can create amazing feedback loops.
  • Backlashers– Those people who can handle and respond to the ever-present backlash that new tech brings.
  • Last Milers– The ability to create solutions to help tech that’s reaching its end goal as it winds down.
  • Contexualists– What’s the operational context for each new technology? The contextualist is behind figuring that out and ensuring everyone knows.
  • Ethicists– As technology grows, the ethics surrounding it will be pushed and pulled. A good ethicist will be worth their weight in gold.
  • Philosophers– The person who guides the company with the best philosophy will help take home the gold.
  • Theorists– All new products, services, and industries begins with a theory. Will it be yours?
  • Legacists– Those who are passionate about leaving a legacy.

But, of course, any and all of these jobs will need both an education and a great resume. There are a variety of schools around the world that focus on these different elements. And as for resumes, you’re going to want something eye-catching, exciting and contemporary – something in a new resume format.

Of course, there are jobs like mobile app developer, database administrator, software engineers and video game designer that aren’t as hot in terms of how new they are but still pay well within the tech industry. In fact, two of the fastest growing jobs that will require tech are in solar energy and wind energy.

Areas that are projected to see the biggest declines so you’ll want to avoid them include:

  • Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers
  • Postal Service Mail Sorters, Processors, and Processing Machine Operators
  • Sewing Machine Operators
  • Postal Service Mail Carriers
  • Switchboard Operators, Including Answering Service
  • Postal Service Clerks
  • Cooks, Fast Food
  • Miscellaneous Agricultural Workers
  • Data Entry Keyers
  • Word Processors and Typists

There are a wide variety of emerging tech jobs that are going to pay incredibly well in the years to come. Wherever you decide to apply, make sure you’ve got a great resume that shows you off in the finest way possible and put your best foot forward!

Via Akai News