The VMD tiny home is an eco-conscious dwelling that is built using shipping-containers

Mexican architectural studios Studioroca and Taller Escape have recently joined forces to create a prefabricated housing model that is move-in ready in just 99 days from ordering. Dubbed VMD, the 30-sq-m (323-sq-ft) tiny home is an eco-conscious dwelling that is built using shipping-containers and offers a complete off-the-grid living package.

The inspiration for the simple and cost-effective design of the dwelling came from the architects’ desire to create a home that could re-connect city-dwellers with the beautiful natural Mexican landscape, while also incorporating a strong focus on sustainability and reducing the ecological footprint of the home. The VMD home is thus designed as a low-fuss abode or weekend getaway that can be installed in just seven days, while leaving very little impact on the site.

“VMD is an invitation to find a balance between daily life and weekend escapes, coming into contact with nature; Mexico is a country famous for its biodiversity and its unparalleled landscapes, in our quest to increase the experience of living it VMD becomes the synthesis of freedom where retirement is only a short trip away,” says the Taller Escape studio.


The VMD home can be installed in just seven days, while leaving very little impact on the site

The VMD prefabricated house comes in either a one or two bedroom model and boasts a simple turn-key design, complete with interior furniture package. The home is built with a strong shipping container structure, which allows the dwelling to be easily transported to its destination via a truck and then craned into position, without the need for complex foundations or lengthy terrain preparations.

The VMD comes with internal reinforcements to provide greater structural strength and longevity, plus low maintenance external cladding. The interior walls and panels have been fitted with thermal and acoustic insulation, allowing the home to maintain constant interior temperatures throughout the year.


The VMD prefabricated house comes in either a single or double bedroom model and boasts a simple turn-key design

The interior of the single bedroom VMD model features a simple layout, which includes a master bedroom, central bathroom, open living area and adjoining angular kitchen with meals area. The home is extended to the outdoors through its large floor-to-ceiling glass windows, sliding glass doors, and adjoining timber terrace; ideal for relaxing outside or for open-air entertaining and dining. Furthermore, the home comes with a complete interior furniture package designed by Studioroca and sourced from local Mexican furniture makers.

“The concept of minimum housing in the world has become a trend that by its characteristics provides freedom; the minimum spaces demand less energy and resources; resources that we can use for activities focused on our physical, mind and soul,” says Studioroca. “VMD is an exercise of conceptual approach to the reality that a person, a couple or a small family could live. This project aims to inspire your physical, mental and spiritual playing field with respect to the natural environment and the person himself.”


The VMD features a modern angular kitchen with meals area

The VMD home also comes fully equipped with rooftop solar panels with UV protection and a rainwater collection system for complete off-the-grid living. The home is fitted with solar heaters as standard, while buyers have the option of including an incinerator toilet if they desire. The home also boasts smart lighting and video surveillance technology, allowing owners to control the system remotely.

The starting price for the single bedroom VMD model is MXN 950,000 (about US$49,100), with an installation turnaround of just 99 days from date of order.

Via NewAtlas.com