Cruise Origin offers a self driving mini bus for cities

It seems these days that there is no shortage of startups promising new vehicles with electric motors and self-driving systems, and now the joint operation between GM and Honda, Cruise, has unveiled its driverless people mover sans any human controls.

The Cruise Origin, billed as a bus, was unveiled at the San Francisco event “Move Beyond the Car.” The underpinnings and drive system will be built by GM.



The Cruise Origin will build on 3 years of testing from the Chevy Boltvia

Before the Cruise Origin can start picking up passengers in a city near you, the car has to go through more testing, which Cruise is confident will go well.

The car already uses a well tested autonomous system out of the Chevrolet Bolt. The autonomous Bolts will also be available for rides through an app ahead of the launch of the Origin.

 Roomy Interior


Cruise Origin has a spacious interior

Without having to dedicate any space to the control structure of the car, the interior in the brick-shaped vehicle is spacious. The two rows of seats face each other like an old-style stagecoach with storage for a briefcase or shoulder bag under the seats and additional storage in the front and rear of the vehicle.

Few Details


Not many details on the Cruise Origin release

Cruise has given few details about the upcoming minibus. There is no word on power, range, or battery. Cruise says that the car will last a million miles, but it’s not clear if they include battery life as well. It will be a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, though.

Via TheThings.com