Apparently, smartphones really do have everything we need, from cameras to calculators to flashlights to even… matchsticks?

You read that right. But instead of shooting flames out of a port, your phone can now create fire by activating a Bluetooth-enabled scented candle called Candle Touch, currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Said to be the world’s first smart-connected real-flame candle, the device has an electronic base that connects to a scented coconut-wax candle body. At a press of a button using the accompanying iOS/Android app, the base sends a current up a wire, which ignites the cotton wick like magic.

You’ll never have to risk getting burned ever again. Plus, you’ll have a neat party trick to show to all your friends.


One candle can last up to 40 hours, and, once fully melted, can easily be replaced by unscrewing the body and attaching a refill. The app works from as far as 60 feet out and can light up 10 candles simultaneously, making the prep for mood lighting that much easier.

As for safety features, the app is password-protected, will only work within direct line-of-sight of the candle, and will remind you every now and then to put out the flame.


Candle Touch comes in nine scents, including grapefruit and cardamom, amber and clove, and lime and grapefruit, among others. It’s currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where you can avail of the basic package (one base and one candle body) with a $49 pledge. You can learn more about it here.