We’re living in unusual times.

With the pandemic in full-force all around the United States, there’s been a massive shift not only in where we work but in how we work.

While it’s true that remote work is challenging and there is a new reality for most, some employment categories will likely see an upswing in terms of greater needs, more positions available, and even higher pay.

These jobs will be in particularly high demand over the next few weeks and months.

1. Software development

To say that software development is now even more important is an understatement. Apps and desktop software are now more viable because many of us are working at home on a computer all day.

We need apps to help us connect with one another, keep track of projects, and communicate more effectively. I’m convinced we’ll see new and innovative apps that go beyond Zoom and Slack that offer even more powerful features after this is all over.

2. Graphic design

Visual communication is also more viable now — mostly because we’re all so distracted and stressed out. Graphic design is a field that helps cut through the noise.

A well-designed logo, website, or banner can stand out in a crowded field. Designers will be in high demand because communication has become so important for branding, sales, and customer support.

3. Writing

It might be the best time ever to start a writing career.

There is a hunger for more information, especially if it is accurate and well-sourced. Writers can easily camp out at home and deliver a final product as they have for decades, but now the need is even greater for good storytelling, accurate news and feature stories, copywriting, and any other written communication.

4. Marketing

If you’ve thought of starting a new marketing career, know this — the field has taken major leaps forward from the days when marketing was only about a logo and a printed brochure. (Actually, it was never really like that but people had that perception.) It is now extremely strategic, visual, digital, and technical.

And, marketing had already gone “virtual” before the pandemic.

5. Online instructor

If you have ever thought of finding a position with a company that teaches online, now is the time.

Many colleges and universities have moved to all digital classrooms. Now, you could argue the budgets are being reduced and that may be true, but there is still a great need for folks who understand technology and how to teach in an online setting.

6. Customer support

Companies are already creating virtual teams who work at home but handle support calls. Interestingly, while there are challenges in terms of communication and access to systems needed to do the support, there will be an increased need for support representatives in the coming weeks and months just as much as ever.

There’s tension in the air about how to use products and how to resolve problems — and customer support will meet those needs.

7. Online sales

Those who can work at home and make calls, check-in by email, or use a customer relationship management database will also be in high demand.

That’s because, while these positions are relationship-based they can be conducted at home and without constant supervision. Online sales is a category that keeps growing and will be more and more viable.

Via TheLadders.com