Your chance to own a truck of the future.

Today you have the unique opportunity to purchase one of two Innotrucks ever built. This radical design study was sponsored by Siemens and led by designer Luigi Colani to design and construct their interpretation of the truck of the future. With a focus on efficiency and modernized design, the Innotruck was born. Now you have the opportunity to own this unique example thanks to a listing on the JamesEdition website.

In 2012 Siemens and Luigi Colani debuted their futuristic truck design to a large crowd at the MobiliTec international trade fair in Germany to stunned crowds. The Innotruck reimagined what a tractor-trailer could be introducing aerodynamics and an eco-friendly drivetrain to combat the inefficiency of our current system.

The cab was integrated into the trailer portion allowing the drivetrain to sit below the drive independent from the trailer. The drive sits in a cockpit reminiscent of a fighter jet with a huge amount of glass allowing for optimal visibility. This space is connected to a beautiful living area catering to the needs of long haul truckers. To enter the cockpit area, the glass canopy opens up and the driver climbs in.

The cabin connects to the drivetrain via driveby wire technology allowing for easy integration to the trailer. Power comes from electric motors which are powered by a diesel engine converted to range extender duty. This allows for the most efficient powertrain that can still provide the range required to haul goods long distances.

The radical Innotruck design new made it to full-scale production, however, many of its ideas and principles are slowly making their way into the large truck market. This critical design study was and is an important influence on the future of truck design and today you have the opportunity to own this unique piece of history. How much is it? Well, if you have to ask, chances are you cannot afford it. You can of course request the pricing from the JamesEdition Site.

Via Motor1.com