Are you brave enough to buy this Innotruck?


Your chance to own a truck of the future.

Today you have the unique opportunity to purchase one of two Innotrucks ever built. This radical design study was sponsored by Siemens and led by designer Luigi Colani to design and construct their interpretation of the truck of the future. With a focus on efficiency and modernized design, the Innotruck was born. Now you have the opportunity to own this unique example thanks to a listing on the JamesEdition website.

In 2012 Siemens and Luigi Colani debuted their futuristic truck design to a large crowd at the MobiliTec international trade fair in Germany to stunned crowds. The Innotruck reimagined what a tractor-trailer could be introducing aerodynamics and an eco-friendly drivetrain to combat the inefficiency of our current system.

The cab was integrated into the trailer portion allowing the drivetrain to sit below the drive independent from the trailer. The drive sits in a cockpit reminiscent of a fighter jet with a huge amount of glass allowing for optimal visibility. This space is connected to a beautiful living area catering to the needs of long haul truckers. To enter the cockpit area, the glass canopy opens up and the driver climbs in.

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This customized RV with solar-panel body does not need fuel, electricity to run; ever


Named as the Iveco Daily Electric, the RV that can take you anywhere – completely for free.

Cleaner vehicles with minimum emissions make up for a new segment that is currently the most hotly contested around the world. This is not only because of the emission norms of major countries that have compelled manufacturers to do so, but also due to the industry’s trajectory that has encouraged them to be the early bird. A rat race for electrification.

On one hand, there are manufacturers who are spending huge chunks of their revenue in creating eco-friendly offerings and on the other hand, you have Dethleffs’ completely solar RV. You heard right, completely solar. While major auto giants around the world are scrambling for a piece of the pie that is electrification, Dethleffs harnessed solar energy to create an offering that is completely independent of any fuel.

Named as the Iveco Daily Electric, the RV that can take you anywhere – completely for free. The extensive use of solar panels on the RV’s body can produce up to 3,000 watts of energy without a charging point in sight.

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Carbon fiber camping trailer sustains itself off-grid with “endless” power and water


The Sonic X’s slide-out increases interior space, providing room for a comfy dining lounge with wraparound…

A new style of trailer for an evolving breed of traveler, the Sonic X from KZ Recreational Vehicles adds a little more self-sustainability to the camping trailer world. With its solar-backed lithium battery bank, the 26-footer is designed to run off-grid indefinitely. It also includes lightweight carbon fiber construction, a fresh water harvesting system and insulation-boosting technology for better performance, autonomy and efficiency. Get lost for weeks and months at a time without giving up residential-style comforts.

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Beanpad for iPad

IL CES Direct Feed


When the 70s meet an iPad.

A lot of new devices are starting to flood the market that aim to better the viewpoint of your iPad or make it more versatile. The Beanpad by Mojo Worx Asia is no exception. This invention enlists the wildly successful hippy era trend of beanbags and combines it with a very contemporary device holder. What may set this invention apart from the others on the market is the free-form adjustment capability along with the vibrational absorption aspect, making it ideal for RVs, boats and other similar outdoor or off road excursions.

It also boasts three orientation positions making it possible to watch things landscape, portrait or simply have the bag in the middle for everyday use. While this is certainly a clever way to hold your iPad, the question of durability in the long run arises so we’ll have to wait to hear reports from the field about that part. In the mean time, grab your bag and start using your pad, man!

Article by Andrew Frey with Thomas Frey reporting directly from CES in Las Vegas

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Marchi Mobile’s futuristic RV is available in the present


The eleMMent

If you are in the market for a futuristic and slightly bizarre motor home it’s check out the eleMMent.  You’ll be the envy of the trailer park when you pull up in this 500 horsepower, 40-foot long monstrosity, which features a fireplace, a pop-up sky lounge with fog machine, and paint that glows in the dark. (Pics)



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