For those living in major cities, one of the tradeoffs is often a lack of windows. It would have been somewhat bearable, if only a certain pandemic isn’t keeping us from going out to get some much-needed sunlight.

A startup called SunnyFive, which is under Samsung’s C-Labs incubator program, might just have a bright solution. Their product is an artificial window designed to mimic the full spectrum of natural light. Although it doesn’t come with a view, it can, however, change the angle of the light that shines through, as though the actual sun is moving and casting shadows in your home.

An accompanying app also lets you change the color temperature and brightness. For instance, the sunrise setting will emit a mildly warm, orange glow while the noon mode will cast a strong white light. And if you’re feeling a bit contemplative, the window will radiate a sky tinged with purple hues.

According to Samsung’s video, the window also helps users get their daily dose of Vitamin D without risk of sunburn, and can function like a light therapy lamp in darker months for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Nonetheless, it’s a promising device that can improve the mood of a poorly-lit flat and the well-being of its occupants (indoor plants included). No details yet about the price or release date, but until then, here are 8 ways to fake natural light when you don’t have it.

Via ApartmentTherapy.com