This artificial window can mimic natural sunlight


For those living in major cities, one of the tradeoffs is often a lack of windows. It would have been somewhat bearable, if only a certain pandemic isn’t keeping us from going out to get some much-needed sunlight.

A startup called SunnyFive, which is under Samsung’s C-Labs incubator program, might just have a bright solution. Their product is an artificial window designed to mimic the full spectrum of natural light. Although it doesn’t come with a view, it can, however, change the angle of the light that shines through, as though the actual sun is moving and casting shadows in your home.

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Calcium Supplements Linked to Heart Attacks: Feed Your Bones Instead


Calcium supplements have been linked to increased heart attack risk.

A study published in the British Medical Journal via Natural Awakenings found thatcalcium supplements can increase your risk of a heart attack by as much as 31 percent. The new research looked at 11 studies on 11,921 individuals. It’s scary stuff for those at risk of heart disease and osteoporosis, both of which plague the U.S. But it’s also more proof that the best way to feed your body the nutrients it needs isn’t through supplementation, but through your diet. How can you feed your bones? Well you may be surprised at the foods with the highest percentages of calcium…

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