A security drone is on the way from Amazon and it has more than few people asking questions about privacy. At the same time, tech enthusiasts seem to be pretty excited about this newest addition to the home surveillance marketplace.

Amazon’s smart home security division Ring has unveiled a new home security drone that will launch into the air and begin recording if it detects a suspected break-in. Dubbed the Always Home Cam, users will be able to access instantaneous streaming video once the drone launches.

The security drone is limited to one floor of a building but it is designed only to operate when users are outside of their home. It also looks like the current model is only crafted to work as an indoors security measure

However, some folks are not exactly keen on the idea of letting a security drone into their homes. Silkie Carlo from Big Brother Watch called out Amazon as a data-gathering company and mentioned that the idea of having a flying internet camera is more than a little unnerving. As reported by BBC, Carlo goes on to say how Amazon’s decisions in the surveillance market can have a profound influence on communities and the home surveillance market in general.

Amazon has been very adamant about its commitment to privacy, and its Always Home Cam security drone is no different. The base that the drone docks in is set up so that the camera portion is completely blocked when it is not in flight. As far as any microphone settings are concerned, that has not been made clear yet at this point.


The home security market has been booming over the last five years thanks to innovations in surveillance technology, and it will be intriguing to see if a home security drone is something consumers are energized at the thought of. Consumer drones have mostly been relegated to toys or used for home videos. Though, other companies are starting to see the value in drone technology. Will a drone as a security measure seem like the best option for consumers?

Of course, tech enthusiasts are likely to be the first to try out Amazon’s Always Home Cam security drone. Will this be an opportunity for them to hack the device and learn some more about it? More importantly, will they be able to discover how it can be exploited? Hackers are often the best source of information when it comes to what features or exploits are available to a new tech product.

Amazon’s Always Home Cam security drone will retail for $250 when it goes on sale. No official street date has been announced as of this writing. does Amazon plan to have this product available to consumers by the holidays? Considering that they have already shot and premiered an advertisement for it, chances are folks will be able to get their hands on this new piece of tech pretty soon.

Via GiantFreakinRobot.com