By Gili Malinsky


2020 brought a lot of changes to the workplace as employers worldwide tried to grapple with the social distancing and health protocols of the coronavirus pandemic.

More than 4 in 10 (43%) HR professionals saw remote-work flexibility to be the top change within organizations, according to an October-November 2020 Monster survey of 3,100 recruitment and HR professionals from around the world. That priority is reflected in the array of positions now increasingly offered as remote jobs.

Jobs board FlexJobs recently highlighted career categories where remote job listings have grown by more than 25% since March 2020. Read on for eight career categories with growing remote work opportunities according to the site, including popular job titles and their average annual salaries, organized from highest to lowest growth.


Marketing professionals help their clients and organizations hone their outward-facing messaging to create a cohesive brand narrative and spread the word about their work. They focus on an array of platforms and material from websites to brochures to social media sites. Often these positions require a bachelor’s degree.


Administrators take on a slew of logistical tasks for their employers, from note-taking to calendar management to financial tasks. Depending on the position, some may require a bachelor’s degree.

HR and recruiting

Human resource and talent recruiting professionals help build teams on behalf of companies, finding the candidate who is the best fit for each role and ultimately helping the team navigate logistics like benefits, worker compensation, and employee relations. These positions often require a bachelor’s degree.

Accounting and finance

Accountants and finance professionals help companies and individuals with their finances including tax preparation, organizing financial records, and keeping track of financial data. Some of these positions may require a bachelor’s degree.

Graphic design

Graphic designers help their employers develop the aesthetic of their brand, crafting the look of logos, websites, brochures, and social media posts. These positions require a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Customer service

Customer service representativesaddress customers’ issues and help them solve problems accordingly. They’ll field questions and connect customers with the appropriate party at their company and make sure all of their needs are met.

Mortgage and real estate

Professionals in the mortgage and real estate field work with homeowners and buyers to help each sell their home or purchase the home of their choice. They work all over the country, getting to know the neighborhoods they represent and sell in and helping sellers and buyers navigate the logistics of their transactions.

Internet and e-commerce

Because so much interaction, business or otherwise, takes place on the internet these days, this field is a wide one. It includes people who build websites, people who know the ins and outs of search engine optimization that ensures Google picks up given content, and people responsible for the internet-based communications of a company, like a newsletter.

Look for these jobs on sites like FlexJobs, MonsterCareerBuilderLinkedInZipRecruiter, and Indeed. If you’re not sure if a given job can be done remotely, make sure to bring it up during the interview process.