Samsung’s annual First Look event at CES 2024 left tech enthusiasts in awe as the company introduced the world to its groundbreaking transparent MicroLED display. While pricing and availability details remain undisclosed, Samsung made a bold statement by showcasing its transparent MicroLED alongside transparent OLED and transparent LCD models, allowing viewers to witness the striking differences between these cutting-edge technologies.

Compared to its transparent counterparts, the MicroLED panel not only boasted significantly enhanced brightness but also featured a frameless design and a more transparent glass panel, providing a clearer view of objects behind it. Observing Samsung’s transparent Micro OLED displays in person is a surreal experience, as content seemingly materializes as holograms suspended in mid-air. The demo unit’s slim one-centimeter thickness further accentuated the illusion of a floating screen, delivering an immersive visual spectacle. Additionally, the high pixel density of micro LEDs ensured razor-sharp image quality. According to a Samsung spokesperson, the increased brightness of transparent MicroLED displays makes them less susceptible to ambient light interference.

However, the exciting news comes with a caveat. Samsung’s existing non-transparent MicroLED TVs, such as the 110-inch model, are currently priced at a hefty $150,000, making it clear that it will be some time before these innovative displays become accessible to the average consumer.

In a coincidental twist, Samsung’s Korean rival, LG, also wowed CES attendees with its own transparent display innovation. LG introduced the OLED T, set to hit the market this year, marking a significant step forward. Unlike Samsung’s offering, the OLED T is a wireless transparent OLED TV, boasting 4K resolution and LG’s cutting-edge wireless transmission technology for both audio and video. This release builds upon LG’s previous (non-transparent) M3 model, which made its debut at last year’s CES. The OLED T further impresses with its contrast screen that gracefully rolls down into a compact base, easily adjustable with the push of a button, providing a seamless and flexible viewing experience.

By Impact Lab