Airdrop design pulls water from air to irrigate deserts


An award winning innovative invention.

The winner of this year’s James Dyson Award is one that focuses on the water crisis in Australia. A continent faced with severe droughts, it is no wonder that Edward Linacre from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne wanted to come up with a solution that will provide fresh water where there is no source on the ground.

A press release notes, “Edward studied the Namib beetle, an ingenious species which lives in one of the driest places on earth. With half an inch of rain per year, the beetle can only survive by consuming the dew it collects on the hydrophilic skin of its back in the early mornings. Airdrop borrows this concept, working on the principle that even the driest air contains water molecules which can be extracted by lowering the air’s temperature to the point of condensation. It pumps air through a network of underground pipes, to cool it to the point at which the water condenses. Delivering water directly to the roots of plants.”

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Winners Announced – DaVinci Inventor Showcase


Dan Hobson, winner of the “Inventor of the Year Award” at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase

2011 turned out to be a banner year for the inventors and their products at the seventh annual DaVinci Inventor Showcase. The event took place at the Noah’s Event Center in Westminster, CO amidst a record crowd of attendees.

Winning top prize at this years event was Dan Hobson, CEO of Ross Nanotechnology for their product, NeverWet™, a nano-tech coating that completely repels water. However, this standout technology was only one of many that captured the imaginations of everyone who attended.

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Boy, 11, sets longest limbo skating-world record

Rohan Ajit Kokane

Little Rohan Ajit Kokane whizzed into the Guinness Book of World Records
after performing the furthest ever roller-skating limbo.

He managed to fly under an incredible 20 cars while performing the splits during the stunt in Mumbai, India. Rohan picked up speed before bending down and making his chest parallel to the ground…

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Reused tires make a squid-like playground for refugee children


When Go Play! announced a competition to design an innovative playground for 1,000 refugee children along the border of Thailand and Burma, Dutch designer AnneMarie van Splunter thought of old car tires. To be specific, she thought of a playground made entirely out of reused tires on a bamboo frame, made in the shape of a tree with expanding roots…

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Philips LED light wins U.S. Department of Energy’s $10m ‘Lighting Prize’


It looks like the Philips AmbientLED has won the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lighting Prize (modeled on the original X-Prize). The goal was to help “transform lighting technology” by making it more efficient. To win, the Philips LED had to go through some pretty sophisticated tests (see the video below) to make sure the light quality was good and that it was durable…  (video after jump)

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Microsoft Kinect Sales Top 10 Million, Set New Guinness World Record

kinect_an 354678

Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft has sold more than 10 million Kinect systems for the Xbox 360 to retailers, the company announced Wednesday.

Kinect, a controller-free gaming system that competes with the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 Move, has been selling at animpressive rate since it launched in November.

During the first three months after its launch, this rate was fast enough to earn Kinect the title of “fastest-selling consumer device.” According to Guinness World Records, whichofficially confirmed the record today, Microsoft sold an average of 133,333 units per day between November 4 and January 3…

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