Self-Inflating bike tires promise a future free of hand pumps

The PumpTire consists of an inner tube, the tire itself, and a special uni-directional air valve that screws into the stem of the inner tube. When the pump is active, it uses the tire’s rolling motion to draw in air from the atmosphere, through the one-way valve and into a lumen that runs along the outer edge of the tire. As the tire rolls, it squishes the lumen flat, forcing air into the main tube and when the weight of the tire is removed, the lumen re-inflates before it’s rolled over again. The system automatically shuts the valve when the desired pressure is reached. The doesn’t require any special modifications or rims…

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Local Colorado brewery transports kegs via tricycle


Kegs are a rollin’.

When Shannon and Colin Westcott decided to start Equinox Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado, they wanted it to be a local, green operation. And that meant no keg deliveries by car or truck. So to save themselves a lot of back-breaking keg-carrying, the Westcotts teamed up with custom bike designers Yendra Built Cycles. The partnership yielded the Bootlegger: a tricycle built for transporting kegs…

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The INgSOC hybrid bike that is out of this world!


INgSOC advanced hybrid bike

The INgSOC, by designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli, is an electric bicycle concept is out of this world!  It combines the aerodynamic shapes of triathlon designs, flexible handling of traditional bikes, and advanced hybrid power technology into one super-efficient commuting machine that (to say the least) looks, well… unearthly! (Pics)


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World’s First Bicycle Created by Printing it Out on a Computer

computer bike

The fully-working cycle, which is made of nylon, is the result of an extraordinary project and is as strong as steel and aluminium but weighs 65 per cent less.

This bicycle is the first in the world to be created simply by printing it out on a computer, using groundbreaking new technology.


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Are Cargo Bikes Going Mainstream?

7 cargo bike 462

Mainstreet Pedicab Cargo Bike
Will Cargo Bikes Become an International Craze?

As a student, I spent a year living in Copenhagen. And I was amazed by how many people used cargo bikes as their primary source of transportation. From carting kids to school, to hauling groceries, to giving drunk friends a ride from the bar—heavy-duty load-carrying bikes were just another form of transportation for the people of this beautiful city. Could it be that the rest of the world is finally catching on to the potential of cargo bikes too? (Pics)

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PiCycle – An Electric Bike That Streams Critical Data to Your Smartphone



The PiCycle is a clean, modern, hybrid/electric bike designed by Marcus Hays, the founder of PiMobility. It’s fast, quiet, dependable and can give you enough torque to keep up with motor vehicles in the city. It’s also equipped with PiFi, an embedded wireless technology that streams critical data to the PiCycle owner’s smart phone or iPod Touch via a native application. PiMobility can monitor battery health, battery charging frequency, battery cycle life, motor and controller experience and more. This also means that PiMobility can provide theft recovery services and more importantly, if something does go wrong with the PiCycle, take preventative measures such as shipping the replacement parts long before anyone has to trudge down to their local repair facility seeking services.


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The Hopworks Beer Bike


Take Your Beer Anywhere With The Hopworks Beer Bike.

Metrofiets cargo bikes created the Hopworks Beer Bike for Christian Ettinger, the owner and brewmaster of Hopworks. What started as a cargo bike was outfitted with a rear pizza rack, a sound system, a full inlaid wood bar, two beer tappers, and storage for two kegs…

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A Bike Lock That Can Raise Your Bike Up a Lamp Post


Let’s face it, no matter how strong, tough and complicated your lock is, motivated bike burglars will find a way to steal your bike. But what if your bike lock can climb up a post and raise it off the street?


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Cyomo Electric Bike Recharges It’s Battery Using the Sun


Cyomo electric bike

Cyomo electric bike can recharge its energy using solar panel. This bike has been design for our daily commuting. It’s an electric bike that has been designed to be able to harness its energy from the sun. (Pics)


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