NASA plans to grow vegetables in space

NASA is organizing the Vegetable Production System (VEGGIE) program that will send packs of seed material to the ISS.

When humans begin colonizing space there is one challenge we’ll be facing, how to get food to those colonies. The idea of farming in space is hardly a new one.  Astronaut Don Pettit successfully grew a zucchini, broccoli, and sunflower on the ISS, but NASA is now researching how vegetables may be grown in space for consumption.



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Robot plants can learn how to grow just like the real thing


Soon, plants may have robotic counterparts. Barbara Mazzolai from the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa and colleagues tips that grow by unwinding material and a mechanism to reduce friction when penetrating the soil. The artificial system will be equipped to detect gravity, water, temperature, touch, pH, nitrate and phosphate.



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Is juicing cannabis better for you than smoking it?


Cannabis is known to most of us as either a drug, a plant, or simply a flower. But now it’s being regarded as a vegetable, particularly because of the double whammy of health benefits not only from consuming the plant but also juicing it.



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GrowUpBox: A shipping container farm that grows tilapia and salad greens

GrowUp’s Kickstarter-funded aquaponic farm is a circular ecosystem with 150 fish, all self-contained in a box.

At the Marlborough Playground in London this summer you’ll see a modified, upcycled shipping container with a greenhouse on top–dubbed the GrowUpBox.  It is producing both fresh vegetables and fresh fish, all in one compact set-up.



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World’s first self-healing “artificial leaf” produces energy from dirty water

Self-healing artificial leaf.

Scientists reported the creation of the “world’s first practical artificial leaf” back in 2011. The leaf mimics the ability of real leaves to produce energy from sunlight and water. Touted as a potentially inexpensive source of electricity for those in developing countries and remote areas, the leaf’s creators have now given it a capability that would be especially beneficial in such environments – the ability to self heal and therefore produce energy from dirty water.



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More trees equals less crime in urban neighborhoods: Study

Greener neighborhoods have significantly fewer crimes than non-vegetated areas.

Do you feel more safe or less safe if you down the street from a small urban park? It has been thought to work both ways. Burglars could be concealed by shrubs or a sidewalk lined with trees could obstruct a clear view of the street.  But then, crime might be deterred because a green space could encourage people to spend more time in public areas.




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What vertical farms will look like in the future

The Dragonfly vertical farm

We are reducing the amount of agricultural areas and forests as the population around the world continues to grow.  Some architects are working on concepts for sustainable skyscrapers and vertical agricultural buildings. Here are some of the most interesting plans for the merging of the city and the farm.



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10 great indoor vertical gardens

Plants are natural friends and always lend a sense of warmth and spread freshness.

Space is a problem for city dwellers when it comes to gardens.  But, bringing the charm of gardens in the life of people who suffer a space crunch are vertical gardens that will bring the garden inside the comfort of your house. Designers have come up with ideas that cover the walls with vegetation and give them an all new life. Listed below are 10 indoor vertical gardens that will help you lead a greener life. (Pics)



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When trees die so do people

When the U.S. Forest Service looked at mortality rates in counties affected by the emerald ash borer, they found increased mortality rates among people.

In June 2002 was when the blight was first detected in the trees in Canton, Michigan.  The emerald ash borer had come from overseas and was quickly spreading – a literal bug – across state and national lines to Ohio, Minnesota, and Ontario.  It spread to more distant and seemingly random locations as the infested trees were shipped beyond the Midwest.




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Eliminate the worry of harming the environment or beneficial insects with Dragon Juice®

Dragon Juice naturally helps eliminate many common plant problems.

Dragon Juice®is a natural plant spray conditioner. It is the most effective foliar spray available for your plants! It provides trace nutrients to your plants as well as giving them what they need (foliarly) to be healthy. Properly maintained plants make happy & healthy plants, therefore helping them eliminate most common problems on their own.

Dragon Juice® is an “all in one” product meaning it helps your plants to take up more nutrients in it’s existing system or medium. It effectively eliminates the need for additives and many other toxic and ineffective products.

Dragon Juice® is one of the featured exhibitors at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase, which takes place on Oct 13, 2012 at the Denver Merchandise Mart. This is your chance to find out how Dragon Juice® work and see a wild variety of other amazing products and innovations!

Recently, inventor Juan Diaz took a moment to answer some questions about non-pesticide plant products, targeting the organic conscious people, and becoming a household name…

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