Scientists one step away from cloning adult humans


It might soon be possible to grow human body parts in a lab, even from older adults’ stem cells.

For the first time ever human cloning has been used to create stem cells for adults in a breakthrough which could lead to tissue and organs being regrown. Scientists have turned the skin cells of a 75-year-ol man into stem cells, which can grow into any type of tissue in the body.

Flipping a single molecular switch can make an old brain young

Scientists have long known that the young and old brains are very different.

A single molecular switch, that when flipped, helps create the mature neuronal connections that allow the brain to bridge the gap between adolescent impressionability and adult stability.



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GoGoFantasy is a new Kinkstarter for porn


gogo-fantasy logo

GoGoFantasy is a patent-pending system for crowdfunding porn. Folks with fetishes, grandmas with groin urgings, and couples into copulating can create projects and request cash in return for filming certain acts. For example, one young lady will mount two cameras in a small plane and film her activity in the cabin. And she won’t be reading her Kindle and eating peanuts, if you catch my meaning…
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Gen Y Just Slow Starters, Not Slackers: Study


Dependence on Mom and Dad prepares them to be successful adults.

Generation Y is often thought of as a slacker group of young adults who have failed to launch, delaying real careers and families until later in life. But new research suggests their heavy dependence on Mom and Dad might ultimately prepare them to be successful adults.  


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