Baking Garden Rhubarb Dramatically Increases Anti-Cancer Chemicals

Researchers at SCRI, Scotland’s leading centre for crop research in Invergrowrie, have found that baking British garden rhubarb for 20 minutes dramatically increases its levels of anti-cancer chemicals, according to findings published in the Journal Food Chemistry.

These chemicals, called polyphenols, have been shown to selectively kill or prevent the growth of cancer cells – and could be used to develop new, less toxic, treatments for the disease, even in cases where cancers have proven resistant to other treatments.

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Fungal Compound With Anti Cancer Activity


Possible cancer cure in the near future? Maybe..This major find certainly helps.

Ten years ago, William Fenical of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography isolated from an ocean-living fungus a compound that has since shown the ability to kill cancer cells in the lab. Now, for the first time, MIT chemists have synthesized the compound, an advance that could open the door to new drug treatments for cancer. Continue reading… “Fungal Compound With Anti Cancer Activity”