World’s first 3D printed canal house in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s canal house will be the first 3D printed house in the world.

The Dutch studio DUS Architects is planning on developing the first 3D-printed house which is meant to become a full-size canal house in Amsterdam, alongside the Buiksloter-canal. The process will be made possible by employing a special printer called the KamerMaker. “This year we want to print the entire facade and the first room bit by bit. Then in the following months and years we will print other rooms.”-architect Hedwig Heinsman explained. (Pics)



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What vertical farms will look like in the future

The Dragonfly vertical farm

We are reducing the amount of agricultural areas and forests as the population around the world continues to grow.  Some architects are working on concepts for sustainable skyscrapers and vertical agricultural buildings. Here are some of the most interesting plans for the merging of the city and the farm.



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World’s first 3D building will be ready in 2014

3D printed house

3D printing can be fun and cute. Products like the Makerbot and Form 1 will most certainly disrupt manufacturing, even if it’s only on a small scale. But the possibilities of 3D printing stretch far beyond DIY at-home projects. In fact, it could entirely replace the construction industry. (Pics)



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City of the future: 8 features Songdo, South Korea has that your city doesn’t have

Drop the trash into a pneumatic tube and the pneumatic garbage removal system sucks it to a central processing facility.

Songdo, South Korea is the city of the future.

When you’re building a new city, there’s plenty of technology and features to consider that either didn’t exist or weren’t practical in the past. These range from in-building technology to the municipal systems, from private perks to public services.



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Swarms of robots could bring buildings to life

robot swarm

The more of these robots we have in our homes, the more intelligent they could be.

What does it take for a building to be considered smart? Add some lights that turn themselves off when nobody is around or install an “intelligent” air conditioning system to regulate the ambient temperature and you’re well on your way. But compared to the living buildings proposed by Akira Mita, today’s smart buildings are the architectural equivalent of single-celled organisms.

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Chinese construction company to build world’s tallest building in 90 days


Broad Sustainable Building, a construction company in China, has announced plans to build the world’s tallest building…in just 90 days. When finished, it will be 220 stories high, 10 meters taller than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

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8 amazing schools, playgrounds and libraries of the future


Geopark: Stavanger, Norway

When an entire school building is covered with astroturf it is a lot more fun. Or when an abandoned oil rig is turned into  a playground.  Architects and educators are finding new ways to engage kids in learning, and the results are out of this world. (Pics)

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Alcoa’s smog-eating architectural panels


Alcoa’s smog-eating panels.

The giant multinational of aluminum production Alcoa announced last week that its new “smog-eating” architectural panels can remove pollutants from the surrounding air. The aluminum panels, branded Reynobond with EcoClean technology, have a titanium dioxide coating which breaks down pollutants in direct sunlight.

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Amphibious house floats above floods

baca-Amphibious House-Flooded

Baca Architects ‘amphibious’ home

An “amphibious” home has been granted full planning permission and is set to be built on the banks of the River Thames in Buckinghamshire. The residential home designed by Baca Architects is an architectural feat that overcomes the threat of flooding by becoming a “free-floating pontoon” during a flood situation. “In an extreme flood, a 1 in 100 year event, the house can rise over 2.5 meters [8.2 feet],” Richard Coutts, director of Baca Architects. (Pics)

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5 homes with amazing staircases


Staircase slide and bookcase staircase

Circular stairs were commonplace in castle towers during medieval times. Staircases were designed to go the same direction all the way around, ascending clockwise, to suit right-handed swordsmen for ease in hindering the attacker. Fast forward to the late 1800s and stair design changes dramatically when steel and reinforced concrete are introduced, and the use of dramatic curves and fantastic sweeps become important elements in staircase workmanship. Even today, stair-crafting ingenuity continues, with many staircases doubling for incredible feats of gravity and eye-popping works of art. (Pics)

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