Elephants in Africa Found to be Two Distinct Species

african elephants

African elephants

You may not have been debating whether African elephants living in savannah or forests were two separate species, but it’s been an unanswered question among scientists for a while. A new study in the journal PLoS Biology claims to put the question to rest though, determining though DNA sequencing that African elephants are in fact two separate species–in fact they are genetically further apart than Asian elephants are from the extinct wooly mammoth.

Entrepreneurship’s evolution

Entrepreneurship’s evolution

The emergence of empires of one, business colonies and seed capitalists

The importance of stimulating entrepreneurship has not been lost on Asian nations. Communist Youth League of China will set up a fund to help young people establish their own businesses, as part of efforts to ease employment pressures, particularly among graduates, China.com reported in February.

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Mahru II – South Korea’s Humanoid Robot

Mahru II - South Korea’s Humanoid Robot 

 Mahru II

The robot masters at KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) have updated their Mahru II robot with the new Mahru Humanoid Robot that is now a dead ringer for Sony’s tiny dancing QRIO robot. Scheduled to make its first major public appearance at Korea’s Robot World conference this week, the main feature of Mahru is its ability to simultaneously move its upper and lower body independently to perform dance moves or human-like actions in the same fashion as Honda’s amazing Asimo robot.

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Overweight Diners Choose Convenience and Overeating At Chinese Buffets

Overweight Diners Choose Convenience and Overeating At Chinese Buffets 

 Chinese Buffet

When dining at Chinese Buffets, overweight individuals serve themselves and eat differently than normal weight individuals. This may lead them to overeat, according to a recent study by Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab. Compared to normal weight diners, overweight individuals sat 16 feet closer to the buffet, faced the food, used larger plates, ate with forks instead of chopsticks, and served themselves immediately instead of browsing the buffet.

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Thousand Year Egg: Is it Edible?


I Dunno About That!

Alex Rushmer of Just Cook It! Blog wrote an eye-popping account on eating the Asian delicacy (read: gross!) thousand year egg or century egg for breakfast:

What we know as the white is not white at all. It is a translucent brown colour reminiscent of recycled glass. The yolk, far from being an appetising yellow, is grey. And hard.

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Indian Kids Sleeping Less

 Indian Kids Sleeping Less

 Indian kids are being conditioned at a young age to take over the world

Indian children are going to bed much later and are getting lesser sleep than their Caucasian counterparts. A largescale study, which compared the sleep patterns of children in Caucasian and Asian countries, found substantial differences in sleep patterns in young children.

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