Study finds listening to music has negative impact on creativity


A new study has found that listening to music may have a negative impact on creativity. This is contrary to the popular idea that music and creativity often go hand in hand. According to the researchers, the negative impact was found even in cases where the music had a positive impact on mood and was liked by the person listening to it. However, background noise didn’t have the same effect.

Music is often used for background noise while studying and as a way to help increase someone’s creativity while working on a project. The psychologists behind a new study have found this routine may have the opposite effect, actively impairing — rather than boosting — the individual’s creativity. The findings were based on three experiments.

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‘Speech Bubble’ Helmets to Combat Bar Noise

speech bubble

The spheres aim to allow people to hear each other more clearly in a busy bar.

Speech bubbles which could provide the answer for people who want to make their voice heard in noisy bars and clubs are set to go on display.  Product design student Elaine McLuskey invented the “social spheres” to enable people to hold a conversation above the background noise.


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