Baldness breakthrough uses 3D-printed “hair farms” to grow new hair follicles


The 3D-printed structure can for the first time grow human hair follicles entirely in a laboratory dish

An exciting breakthrough from Columbia University researchers demonstrates a new way to grow human hair follicles using 3D printed molds. This is the first time human hair follicle cells have been grown completely in lab conditions, opening up a potentially unlimited source of hair follicles for future hair restoration surgical procedures.

Over the last few decades hair transplantation surgery has rapidly evolved, becoming more sophisticated and successful, however the process has still fundamentally relied on hair follicles being redistributed from one part of the body to another. Growing human hair follicles in laboratory conditions has proved challenging for researchers, ultimately limiting the efficacy of hair restoration surgery, especially in patients without hair already present that can be grafted.

This new breakthrough brings together a couple of recent innovations. First, the researchers created a unique plastic mold using 3D printers. The moulds are designed to resemble a natural micro-environment stimulating hair follicle growth through tiny extensions just half a millimeter wide.

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Discovery of a new hair-loss protein brings hope to balding men

bald man

New protein discovery could lead to treatments to stop baldness.

A hair-loss protein has been discovered by scientists in a development that could pave the way for a cure for male-pattern baldness. The discovery could mean treatments are developed to suppress the protein and to stop baldness, although it would not reverse the effects to reverse hair loss.

Male-Pattern Baldness An Indicator Of Heart And Prostate Disease In Men

Male-Pattern Baldness An Indicator Of Heart And Prostate Disease In Men 

Male-pattern baldness increases risk of heart and prostate disease

When considering men’s health there is good evidence to suggest that baldness may be an indicator of both heart and prostate disease.  When compared to men with no hair loss at all, the risk of heart disease increased by 9 percent.  When a bald spot appears on the crown, relative risk jumps to 23 percent.  When all hair is gone from the top of the head, the risk rises by a worrisome 36 percent (Info from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School).  According to Australian researcher, men with bold spots at the top of their heads were 1 ½ times more likely to have moderate to high-grade prostate cancer before age 70 than those without such bald spots. 

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Genetic Testing Using Your Cell Phone

Genetic Testing Using Your Cell Phone

Check your DNA with your cellphone? Electrostatic analysis makes it possible  

Genetic testing to see how susceptible you might be to things like baldness or cancer is pretty common. What you might not know is how involved the analysis can be – it needs fancy chemical labeling and sophisticated instruments, stuff that’s not too common in undeveloped countries. Fortunately some smart scientists at Berkeley created a technique that uses electrostatic tech instead, which simplifies the whole shebang.

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Hair Cloning Could Provide Cure For Baldness


A Classic Combover

Premature baldness could soon be assigned to history after scientists have pioneered a treatment to clone hair.

Follicular cell implantation works by replicating remaining hair strands and has already shown positive results in continuing clinical trials on human beings. It could eventually help millions of people to regain a full head of their own hair.

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