WNBA referees debut live high-definition ‘Ref Cam’


Wearing a cloud computer like Google Glass on your face can be important for capturing moments in life from a first-person perspective. Now the WNBA, the female division of the National Basketball Association (NBA), has decided to deploy its own version first-person camera to referees for live games.



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SportVU: Missile tracking technology that will remake the NBA

kevin-durant-closely-guarded-attempts 1

Kevin Durant’s closely guarded attempts happen all over the court.

SportVU technology was originally developed to track missiles. Now, the systems hang from the catwalks of 10 NBA arenas, tiny webcams that silently track each player as they shoot, pass, and run across the court, recording each and every move 25 times a second. SportVU can tell you not just Kevin Durant’s shooting average, but his shooting average after dribbling one vs. two times, or his shooting average with a defender three feet away vs. five feet away. SportVU can actually consider both factors at once, plus take into account who passed him the ball, how many minutes he’d been on the court, and how many miles he’d run that game already.

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EZ Shot: The Fully-Automatic Basketball Return Machine

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Featured at the Colorado Inventor Showcase
Net proceeds from EZ Shot goes to help purchase food and toiletries for the FISH Food Bank in Broomfield

EZ Shot is a fully-automatic basketball return machine.  EZ Shot’s patented technology is well suited for training, recreation and entertainment. EZ Shot’s on-board computer contains a variety of pre-programmed individual and team drill patterns, designed for all ages and skill levels.  EZ Shot is the life of any party, school or corporate event. Whether you use it to train, entertain, amaze or fundraise, EZ Shot draws and holds everyone’s attention. (Video)


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The Ab Solo – Helps Chisel Out Those Six-Pack Abs

The Ab Solo - Helps Chisel Out Those Six-Pack Abs 

Exercising regularly in a specific pattern can only get monotonous and hence most of us lose interest over a period of time. It is thus always advisable to include a few changes from time to time in order to make the workout regime more interesting. This not only helps in rebuilding motivation but also challenges the body to gear up and shed the flab. In my personal experience of sweating it out at a local gym for years, I have realized that losing weight isn’t as tough as getting six-pack abs. That’s where the Ab Solo can step in, to help you chisel out an spectacular abdomen. This latest abdomen and core training gear seems to be the hottest addition in the arena of fitness training. Joe and Chris Arsenault’s idea has shaped up well to make way for an exceptional abdominal, cardio, as well as core muscle workout without the help of any human assistance.

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