NEC’s ultra-thin organic battery is just 0.3mm thick


NEC’s organic radical battery (ORB)

NEC has been working on the “organic radical battery” (ORB) technology for some years, but has now announced its latest ORB breakthrough, the 0.3mm thick ORB. The output rated as 5kW/L with a capacity of 3mAh, according to On a full charge, the new battery prototype can refresh a screen 2,000 times. A recharge takes under a minute, about 30 seconds. The new batteries maintain 75 percent of their charge-discharge after 500 charges.

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Top Ten Tips to Make your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer


It’s no surprise how often we use our cell phones. Whether e-mailing, Facebook status updating, or Angry Birds slinging, it seems that we always need to recharge. Cell phone battery life technology has lagged other advancements, such as high resolution displays, faster processors, and larger storage, all of which demand more power. Charging a phone more than once a day has become the norm for many users. In fact, many people have even resorted to carrying around a spare charger or large external battery packs. These tips should help alleviate the problem:

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SpareOne – a emergency cellphone with a 15 year standby time



Nursing your smartphone’s short battery life can be a real nightmare when waiting to be rescued after your car breaks down.  But, with Xpal Power (the company behind Energizer and PowerSkin) that may not be much of a problem.  They have developed the SpareOne, a super-cheap phone that runs from a single AA Battery and will reputedly maintain its charge for up to fifteen years.

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Five ways technology is getting worse


Our technological world has plenty of pitfalls.

If you feel like you’re scrambling to keep up with technology, you’ve got plenty of company as technology has been moving forward in leaps and bounds. There’s not a gadget on the market that doesn’t aim to make our lives easier, but now we’re tangled up in a strange new world. It’s a complex web of tweets and roaming charges in which we we hunt for open power outlets with the urgency of our ancestors foraging for their next meal.


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The world’s smallest battery is six times thinner than a bacterium


Powerful but oh so small!

Your watch battery isn’t small. This battery is small. At six times thinner than a bacterium, Rice University’s new battery is 60,000 times smaller than a AAA battery…

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First 24/7 solar plant


Solar energy produced from all angles.

One of the difficulties with using solar energy is its inability to produce electricity around the clock. Torresol Energy in southern Spain has solved this problem by storing thermal energy in two tanks of molten salt. This enables the plant to generate electricity long after sundown in order to satisfy the energy needs of the local populace. The molten salt — known as MSES — stores enough thermal energy during the day to create steam power during the night…

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Mobile Phones Could be Charged by the Sound of Your Voice

mobile phone

Engineers have developed a new technique for turning sound into electricity, allowing a mobile to be powered up while its user holds a conversation

 A dead battery or a lost charger are among the frustrations of modern life for cellphone users.  There is now new research that promises a way to recharge phones using nothing but the power of the human voice.


Simple Fixes for Annoying Tech Problems

tech gadgets

There are simple solutions to problems with your tech gadgets.

Does the battery life on you phone only last a few hours? Do you really need a computer password logon? Do you have Wi-Fi dead spots in your house? Or maybe the screen on your smartphone is cracked! Tech gadgets are only fun until they annoy the heck out of you. Here are some solutions to make your annoying gadgets behave.


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