Drinkify your music tonight


What do these sound like?

I recently stumbled across this site called drinkify. It recommends beverages to compliment your favorite music. Somebody really had a lot of fun with this one! Being a music junkie I plugged in some of my faves, but then gave it a trick question and another. So here’s what I’ve been hearing in my drinks…

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PepsiCo Introduces ‘Social Vending’ Machine Technology



PepsiCo Inc will be launching  the “social vending” machine that lets users buy each other drinks remotely.  This is  further proof that its decades-old rivalry with Coca-Cola Co is going ever-more high tech.


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Doctors Warn Energy Drinks Putting Consumers at Risk as Sales Soar


Around the world there are signs that for some people who consume these drinks, there are side effects.

With Americans chugging energy drinks like never before, fears are growing among doctors that the ingredients might be putting some consumers at risk.   The beverages contain a hodgepodge of caffeine, sugar and dietary supplements such as vitamins and herbal extracts, whose effects aren’t well understood.


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‘Relaxation Drinks’ Big Business in the Beverage Industry

relaxation drinks

Relaxation drinks

For years, college students and C-suite executives alike have managed to stay perky through parties and deadlines by guzzling so-called energy drinks like Jolt, Red Bull and Rockstar.  But, as it turns out, the drinks may have worked a little too well.


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If the Cost of Soda Increased 18%, People Would Lose 5 Pounds a Year

The New York City health department has released graphic ads encouraging viewers not to “drink yourself fat”.

If the price of regular soda and other sweetened beverages increased by 18%, people would consume an average of 56 fewer calories a day and lose about 5 pounds a year, according to projections in a study out Monday in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

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Magic system fills glasses from the bottom up somehow


 Scotsman Beverage System

 OK, I don’t believe in magic, but I’m not quite sure what I’m seeing here. This new device from Scotsman Beverage Systems fills glasses from the bottom up. How? I have no idea! It drops the ice in from the top, then the soda or the beer or whatever somehow enters from the bottom of the glass. Apparently, it’s fast and makes serving loads of drinks at once very easy. It’s also good at blowing my mind.

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New Beer Created By Scientists That May Extend Your Life




 Where Can I Sign Up To Help With The Testing?

Beer drinkers might actually have something to celebrate about. Scientists at Rice University have created a beer that could extend your life.

They have named the beverage BioBeer, and the way it works is that it has three genes spliced into a specific brewer’s yeast that produces resveratrol, which is a chemical in red wine thought to protect against diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other age-related conditions.

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Nebo Dispenser Gives Ballpark Vendors A Much Needed Makeover


A Ballpark Vendors Dream

Ballpark vendors, those hot dog-dispensing, beer hawking staples of sporting events the world over, are in need of a refresh. A “get yer peanuts hee-yah!” 2.0, if you will. Designer Mario Weiss might have the fresh look they’re looking for with Nebo. Put simply, this slick all-in-one vendor concept could change the way people have food thrown their way at a baseball game. And, it will do this in such a way that’s so visually appealing it will stop your kid from asking what a Fenway Frank is really made of, forever. (Spoiler: It’s dreams) Here’s more on Nebo from Weiss himself:

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