Companies of the future: No CEO, no boss, managed by blockchain

We can get rid of bad bosses once and for all. At least that’s the promise of a radically new type of organization based on blockchain technology.

It’s called a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and it has no CEO, CFO, or VPs.

In fact, there’s no hierarchy at all. Of course, any time you bring people together in a group, there are bound to be politics, but it won’t be the “command and control” structure that most of us are used to.

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Do companies work better without bosses?

flat company

The only way to run a no-manager company is very publicly.

Ryan Carson broke the big news when he was presenting Treehouse’s latest numbers to investors. In the middle of the presentation, one investor stopped and asked, “Wait, who reports to who?” “My co-founder [Alan Johnson] and I just kind of looked at each other and laughed,” says Carson. Then they fessed up. “We said ‘No one reports to anyone.’”



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9 Types Of Bosses Revealed

Boss Tznee

This list describes the 9 types of bosses out there and how they operate. So the obvious question is “What type of boss do you have?” I guess that depends on what the the atmosphere is like while you’re reading this site at work.

If you’re boss is the “hero” type, he/she is probably reading and laughing along with you. If he/she is the “hatchet” type, then you’re either not on this site or you’re here because you want to get fired. And finally, if your boss is “The Dictator” you’re probably checking over your shoulder constantly, closing the browser at every sound, or enjoy the thrill of defying someone who’s such an asshole. Check out the complete list of boss types by clicking the link after the jump…

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