First ‘bionic eye’ implants will hit the U.S. market this year

The treatment involves electrodes implanted in the eyes of people whose retinas are damaged.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first treatment that can restore (limited) eyesight to (some) blind people, last week.  It’s an exciting milestone, despite the caveats.



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Scottish Scientists Make ‘Mind-Reading Machine’ Breakthrough


Scottish scientists have come a step closer to creating a “mind-reading machine” that can show mental images.

A team from the University of Glasgow have successfully decoded brain signals related to vision.

Six volunteers were shown images of people’s faces displaying different emotions such as happiness, fear and surprise.

In a series of trials, parts of the images were randomly covered so that, for example, only the eyes or mouth were visible. Participants were then asked to identify the emotion being displayed while electrodes attached to the scalp measured the volunteers’ brainwaves.

The scientists were able to show that brainwaves varied greatly according to which part of the face was being looked at…

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Bamboo Bikes


Get a splinter in places that we just cant talk about

Fast growing bamboo seems to be the current material of choice for many green thinking designs, so it was just a matter of time before someone came up with a bamboo bike frame. While I don’t think the world’s landfills are getting clogged up with steel bikes, but most of the alloys used do contain some pretty nasty stuff like chromium and molybdenum. (Pics) Continue reading… “Bamboo Bikes”


Cajun Crawler


Maybe they should have called it the Cajun Crab

If the Segway’s current movement mechanism and cast of characters astride them wasn’t keeping you up at night, the Cajun Crawler should seal the deal.

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The 8 Most Common Sci-Fi Visions of the Future


Would planet of the apes become a reality? Well probably not… oh wait I hope not.

The future promises to be so wonderous and terrifying that it will exceed even the furthest reaches of the human imagination. Though this is not saying much, as the human imagination has really only been able to think up eight possible futures: Continue reading… “The 8 Most Common Sci-Fi Visions of the Future”


DHS Wants Your Body Odor


Oh so you stink thats perfect

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security plans to study the possibility that human body odor could be used to tell when people are lying or to identify individuals in the same way that fingerprints can.

In a federal procurement document posted Friday on the Web, the department’s Science and Technology Directorate said it would conduct an “outsourced, proof-of-principle study to determine if human odor signatures can serve as an indicator of deception. …

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