Self-steering bullet proves it can hit moving targets: DARPA


EXACTO self-steering bullet.

The Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) is a self-steering bullet program announced by DARPA that passed a developmental milestone this past February. According to DARPA, and the video below, experienced and novice shooters alike were able to strike moving targets. And, in the case of expert shooters, able to hit actively evading targets as well.



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Self-guided bullet can hit targets more than a mile away

Smart Bullet

A new bullet from Sandia Labs is self-guided — and it can hit targets more than a mile away, the inventors say.

If you are a fan of science fiction movies of the 80s you might remember “Runaway,” in which Gene Simmons plays an evil scientist who invents “smart” bullets that seek out specific human targets. (video)

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The Newest in Bulletproof Tech: T-Shirts

 bulletproof t-shirts 234

Scientists have developed a way to make T-shirt fabric reinforced with boron carbide, which is the same material used to strengthen military tanks. Boron carbide has a hardness just short of diamonds. Imagine that strength in a regular lightweight shirt!

To turn cotton bulletproof, researchers from the University of South Carolina and their collaborators from China and Switzerland dipped sections of regular T-shirts (Fig 1a) in a special mix of nickel and borate. After allowing the cotton to absorb the mix for 2 hours (Fig 1b), the textile was dried quickly in an oven and cured at a high temperature for 3 hours. Once ready, the pieces of cotton were placed in a furnace and headed at 1160°C for 4 hours while continuously aerated with argon. Finally, the resulting fabric pieces (Fig 1c) were cooled and analyzed using electron microscopes and a barrage of strength tests.

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Bullet Proof Polo Shirt

Bullet Proof Polo Shirt 

 Caballero’s Bullet Proof Polo Shirt

Tantalizingly made for security-seeking wealthy folks, this anti-ballistic polo shirt takes safety to an altogether new level! With many wealthy people normally on the hit-lists of gruesome militias, this polo shirt from Caballero is something which just ups the security factor.

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New Technique To Find Hidden Fingerprints

New Technique To Find Hidden Fingerprints 

A fingerprint, outlined with a black conducting powder, can be seen on this bullet.  

It’s a discovery that would make even Sherlock Holmes proud. British scientists have developed a new crime-fighting technique that allows police to lift fingerprints from bullets even if a criminal has wiped down a shell casing.

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Machine Gun Bullet USB Flash Drive

Machine Gun Bullet USB Flash Drive

If you’re hoping to avoid attention, this is probably not the right approach

Just when you think USB flash drives all come in extremely boring rectangular designs, along comes the machine gun bullet USB flash drive that will definitely more than just a passing glance. Inside the machine gun bullet case holds 1GB of storage space, but unfortunately you won’t be able to impress anyone any time soon since this is not commercially available just yet.

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