Ultracapacitors Could Offer The Greenest Way Of Powering City Buses


A U.S.-Chinese venture is out to prove the benefits of quick-charge buses.

Municipal transit agencies have tried to reduce the carbon footprint of their bus fleets using a range of options over the years, from biofuels and hydrogen to batteries and hybrid-electric diesel. Now a Chinese company and its U.S. partner say that ultracapacitors could offer the greenest and most economical way of powering inner-city buses.


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Oslo’s Methane-Powered Buses


Poo Gas Powered Public Transportation

In some cities around the US they’ve had buses that run on natural gas for a while now …. BUT these ones that are cruising down the streets of Oslo run on a different type of ‘Natural Gas’, the taco-bell type!

Kinda gross but really cool way to power a vehicle, like in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. It is available for free in huge quantities, is not owned by Saudi Arabia and it contributes minimally towards climate change.

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