These professions attract the highest number of psychopaths


Psychopaths are difficult to spot most of the time. They’re not the “Jack the Ripper” caricatures you see in films or read about in books. Often, psychopaths appear normal, which makes them hard to identify.

In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-5, someone with a psychopathic personality type is defined as having an inflated, grandiose sense of themself, and a knack for manipulating other people. But a diagnosis is rarely simple.

One thing psychopaths tend to have in common is the careers they go for. For example, you’re likely to find a lot of them in leadership positions because of their ruthlessness, charisma, and fearlessness. They’re very good at making snap decisions, but not so good at the empathetic professions like nursing or therapy.

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Companies of the future: No CEO, no boss, managed by blockchain

We can get rid of bad bosses once and for all. At least that’s the promise of a radically new type of organization based on blockchain technology.

It’s called a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and it has no CEO, CFO, or VPs.

In fact, there’s no hierarchy at all. Of course, any time you bring people together in a group, there are bound to be politics, but it won’t be the “command and control” structure that most of us are used to.

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11 major trends in mass energy storage

What are energy CEO’s thinking?

Grid-Scale Energy Storage in North America 2013: Applications, Technologies, and Suppliers, author Chet Lyons spoke with dozens of energy storage CEOs and summarized their thoughts in a recent report. Below is an excerpt of his 311-page report, highlighting eleven common threads shared by energy storage executives.



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The average CEO makes 380 times as much as the average employee

The average CEO makes more in an hour than his or her average employee makes in a month.

The rise of extreme income and wealth inequality is one of the biggest crises in the American economy.  One of the causes of the wealth inequality is the bizarre consensus that, when it comes to the pay scales of the people at the top, there’s no such thing as “too much.”


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CEO pay 231 times more than average workers in the U.S.


The pay gap between U.S. CEOs and average workers is higher than anywhere else in the developed world.

In the U.S. the average chief executive earned more than $11 million last year in salary, stock options and other compensation. new analysis by the Economic Policy Institute found. That’s around 231 times more than average workers.

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Top 25 CEO’s earned more than their company’s tax bills

top ceo's

The gap between CEO and average U.S. worker pay rose from a ratio of 263-to-1 in 2009 to 325-to-1 last year.

A report released Wednesday from the Institute for Policy Studies shows many large companies pay more to CEOs in compensation than they did in corporate income taxes to the federal government in 2010.


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