Sphero Lets You Play Ball with Your Phone

playballiph sphereo 1111

The Sphero, from Orbotix

The Sphero, from Orbotix, is one of the toy hits of CES 2011. Like the AR Drone, the toy hit of CES 2010, you control the Sphero with your smartphone (a remote control app is available for iOS and Android). Your phone connects to the Sphero via Bluetooth, and to control the ball you can use a virtual joystick or the accelerometer (simply tilt your phone). In our brief hands on, the Sphero proved a little tough to control, but we’ll chalk some of that up to the dying battery.

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Sound Waves are the Latest Weapon in the Fight Against Dentist Phobias

sound waves

Sound waves are used to calm dental patients

New technology that experts claim can calm the brain is being used by British dentists to relax nervous patients.  Developed by American neuroscientists, the equipment, called NuCalm, induces a state of deep relaxation even in highly anxious patients.


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3M Rolls Out MPro 150 Pocket Projector With 1GB Of On-Board Storage

3M just got done pushing out its MPro 120, and here at CES people are already feasting their eyes on the MPro 150. For all intents and purposes, this is just an MPro 120 with 1GB of internal storage and a microSD expansion slot. It was spotted it over at CES Unveiled, and while the VGA video wasn’t anything special, the ability to open and display PDFs, Excel files and PowerPoint documents (in addition to the traditional movie and audio files) was indeed a nice add for the traveling salesperson. Hit up the full release after the break if you’re thirsty for more details, and you should see it ship next month for just under $400.

Sprint and Skiff To Unveil Speediest and Thinnest eReader at CES


Skiff Reader

2010 will definitely be a year to fancy some of the best and more improved e-book readers. Come CES and we’ll be head-on with a newly developed Skiff reader. Based on the service provider Sprint’s wireless service, the device measures only a quarter of an inch thick and is almost 11.5-inches diagonally. That’s a really big display for your content, which is displayed at 1,200 x 1,600 pixels resolution.


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SATY MP3 Player Also A Breathalyzer And Mosquito Repellant

SATY MP3 Player Also A Breathalyzer And Mosquito Repellant 


CES has big, fancy products like the new Palm OS, and then they have stuff like this. In a little pod in the Sands, a Chinese company called SATY is showing this rather blocky music and video player with some unusual features. It’s got a flashlight. It’s got a radio. It’s got a mosquito repeller (which just means it plays a really high-pitched tone, so it’s probably also a teenager repeller.) It has a breathalyzer.

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Wall-Mounted Smart-Leaf PC

Wall-Mounted Smart-Leaf PC 

 Smart-Leaf PC

Space is always a problem with PCs, but putting a PC onto the wall, Originatic has brought out a solution to the quandary. Scheduled for the CES ’09 debut is the all-in-one wall-mounted Smart-Leaf PC, designed with space-saving intentions. So if you’re a casual PC user, there isn’t anything better coming your way anytime soon, therefore this rugged PC with all eminent features is worth a gaze.

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The Spy ID Card Micro Camera

The Spy Pass Card Micro Camera 

Cameras are getting so small, they could be hidden just about anywhere. Case in point: this new spy camera that’s nestled snugly inside a trade show badge. The $174 tinycam shoots video at a low-rez 352×288, and snags stills at a higher-rez 1280×1024. Once you’ve grabbed the shots you need, plug it into a PC via USB for transfer and charging.

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