40,000 fans pack South Korean stadium to watch people play video games

League of Legends

League of Legends World Championship match.

At South Korea’s World Cup Stadium in October, drums thundered, pyrotechnics exploded and fans banged red and white thundersticks for a world championship title worth a cool $1 million. (Video)



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Office Chair Racing Championship

More than 50 people participated in Germany’s third annual office chair championships on April 16th, racing each other on a downhill course in the town of Bad Koenig, The contestants were free to adapt their office chairs for race conditions, but were not allowed motors to propel them down the cordoned-off road. Most had mounted inline skater wheels for greater speed…

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World Stinging Nettle Eating Championship Attracts Record Crowd


Mmmmm…. Hurts so good?

In a sunny garden in deepest Dorset yesterday 65 people – their faces rigid with pain and disgust – gathered in a quest to be crowned the King of the Stingers.

There is no easy route to winning the World Stinging Nettle Eating Championship, held each year in the village of Marshwood near Bridport. It takes skill, it takes endurance … it takes great blistering chunks out of what used to be your taste buds.

Smart competitors squash the leaves into tight little balls which they try to throw straight to the back molars. Then you try to munch them up and swallow with as little contact as possible. The problems begin when the nettles start to back up in the mouth and … arrrrrgh!

Competitors are served two-foot-long stalks of nettles from which they must pluck and devour the leaves. The bare stalks are then measured and the winner, after an hour of combat, is the one with the greatest accumulated length.

(nettle eating video after jump…)

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How to Win Your Wife’s Weight in Beer

How to Win Your Wife’s Weight in Beer - Wife Carrying World Championships

 A skinny wife will yield more speed, but less beer

Every year, the small Finnish town of Sonkajärvi hosts the Wife Carrying World Championships. All men have to do is sprint around an obstacle course while carrying their wives. And the women? They have to hold on tight — which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Video and more pics after the jump.

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